Benefits you will get

  • Visualize your project in Gantt graphs or Kanban cards.

  • Complete your activities with efficiency and quality.

  • Share comments, files and status updates.

  • Set reminders, notifications and automated approval flows.

  • Coordinate, lead and improve the productivity of work teams.

  • Generate reports in real time.

Create a better visibility and organization in your company

Easily manage projects by exploiting the collaborative functionalities of Smartsheet, designing and following up your work plans.

With dashboards know in real time:

  • The progress of projects.

  • The budget and cost of projects.

  • Variations between planned and actual dates.

  • The status of activities and stages.

  • Detail of risks and issues.

Generate your customized reports about:

  • The execution of the work plans.

  • Delayed or critical activities.

  • Activities that exceed the budget.

  • High priority changes.

  • Identified issues and risks.

  • Assigned resources.

With forms collect information about:

  • Requested changes.

  • Meetings’ agenda.

  • Projects’ risk and issues.