Get more control in the commercial activity of your company

Effectively manage your sales’ opportunities, collaborate with your team and always be aware of the negotiation status with each potential client, closely keeping track of the sales process.

Benefits you will get:

  • Visualize the key information of your company's business activity.

  • Measure the performance of your sales team.

  • Set reminders and notifications to contact potential customers.

  • Attach proposals, contracts and additional documentation from your clients and avoid paperwork.

  • Achieve better decision making for your business by having your information updated in real time and available in any device.

With dashboards know in real time:

  • Status of open opportunities.

  • Reasons for closing missed opps.

  • Average days for closing a sale.

  • Opportunities by product and vendor.

  • Your customers’ profile.

Generate your customized reports about:

  • Specific product’s opportunities.

  • Opportunities by process’ stages.

  • Seller’s opportunities.

  • Closed opportunities summary.

With forms collect information about:

  • New opportunities.

  • Strategic accounts.

  • Main contacts.