Corporate event planning solution

Easily organize a business event of any size, from its design to its execution, fulfilling the expectations of your customers and without missing any detail.

Benefits you will get

  • Easily manage an event of any type, size and duration.

  • Have all the key information in one place: conference materials, speakers’ profile, relevant documents and sponsors’ information.

  • Create a work plan that can be updated by all organizers, regardless of location. 

  • Synchronize with your peers and give quick solutions to all incidents that may arise.

  • Program alerts and reminders to keep you informed about the status of each of the pending tasks.

  • Use surveys to measure the satisfaction of the participants and identify areas of improvement

With dashboards know in real time:

  • Event preparation status.

  • Agenda of the event.

  • List of participants.

  • Sales data and organizational expenses.

  • Sponsors’ information.

  • Post-event analysis.

Generate your customized reports about:

  • Assistance summary. 

  • Financial data. 

  • Details of planning and execution.

  • Contracted services status.

  • Sponsorship conditions.

With forms collect information about:

  • Registered participants.

  • Special services for guests.

  • The event evaluation.