Human Resources Solution

Digitize your HR area processes and increase staff efficiency, ensure the optimal control of the department and lead a high-performance organization.


Benefits you will get

  • Access to employees’ records and files from any device and location  with just one click.

  • Consolidate all HR documentation in one place, updated in real time.

  • Control the whole life cycle of employees from recruitment to retirement.

  • Optimize response times and service quality with automated actions and workflows.

  • Evaluate the performance and competences of your team using integrated forms.

  • Automate vacation and absenteeism reports, avoiding any work impacts.

With dashboards know in real time:

  • Number of vacancies and covered positions.

  • Hiring and work leave statistics.

  • Team performance and training indicators.

  • Dates of upcoming interviews.

  • Vacation requests with pending approval.

Generate your customized reports about:

  • Company staff.

  • Active employees by area.

  • Candidates under evaluation for vacant positions.

  • Work leave processes in progress.

  • Birthdays and anniversaries of the month.

With forms collect information about:

  • New employees’ records.

  • Sick leaves or work accidents.

  • Vacation requests.

  • Staff performance evaluation.