Digitize your HR processes and increase staff efficiency; ensure optimal control of the HR area and lead a high-performance organization.

Benefits you will obtain

  • Access the files of all employees from anywhere and with a single click.

  • Consolidate all the HR documentation and consult it in real time.

  • Control the end-to-end life cycle of employees, from recruitment to retirement.

  • Optimize response times and service quality with automatic flows of actions.

  • Evaluate the performance and competencies of your team using integrated forms.

  • Automate reports on vacations and absences so that nothing affects the work in progress.

With dashboards: know in real time:

  • Filled and vacant positions by area

  • Statistics of hirings and layoffs

  • Performance and training status

  • Upcoming interviews

  • Vacation requests with pending approvals

Generate personalized reports on:

  • Current company staff

  • Active employees by area

  • Candidates under evaluation for vacant positions

  • Number of employees in a layoff process

  • This month’s birthdays and anniversaries

Collect information using forms

  • Data from new employees

  • People with an illness or work accident

  • Vacation requests

  • Staff performance evaluation

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