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Convert Excel and MS Project projects to Primavera P6

Do you have a project in MS Project or Excel that you want to convert correctly to Primavera P6?

Pain Points Checklist

Are you facing any of these challenges?

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Benefits you will get

Get more precise planning by having projects related and aligned

Know the real situation and cost of the project at all times, controlling the use and availability of resources.

Forecast the end of your project and maintain a correct critical path.

Manages a portfolio of projects in Oracle Primavera P6, summarizing progress and delays in graphical dashboards.

Our value offer

Take advantage of the many advantages of Oracle Primavera P6, instead of having projects in Excel or MS Project.

Have a portfolio of related and aligned projects that allows us to carry out more precise planning.

Have a more precise control of the use of my resources and know their availability.

Forecast the risks and the situation of my project in a more precise way.

Avoid handling projects in Excel that only contain bars without logic in time.

Bring better cost management aligned to the activities of my project.