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Manufacturing Solutions

Oracle Construction and Engineering

Oracle Manufacturing

Does your manufacturing software help you improve production efficiency while reducing costs? Find out how Oracle Fusion Cloud Manufacturing helps you optimize your global mixed-mode manufacturing to do anything, anywhere, with an intelligent, optimized, and integrated solution powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Work areas

Industries such as oil and gas, utilities, nuclear, natural resources, and chemicals.

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Discreet manufacturing

  • Master data management

  • Running tight jobs

  • Cost management

  • Closed-loop business quality

  • Genealogy and compliance

  • Configured Products


Process manufacturing

  • Recipe management

  • Batch execution

  • Cost management

  • Closed loop quality

  • Genealogy

  • Accordance


Mixed mode manufacturing

  • Production execution flexibility.

  • Differentiate by working method

  • Consistent processes

  • Cost management

  • Closed loop quality

  • Genealogy and compliance

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Project-driven supply chain

  • Serve multiple projects

  • Run by project

  • Cost per project

  • Differentiate by customer

  • Project-based billing


Contract manufacturing

  • Flexible production

  • Collaboration with suppliers

  • Consign material

  • Multi-level visibility

  • Orchestrated processes

  • Genealogy, quality and compliance


Factory connected

  • Reinvent manufacturing processes

  • Monitor machines

  • Connect and monitor workplaces

  • IoT for transport and logistics

  • Connect to service centers

related products

Spring P6 EPPM

Prioritizes, plans, manages and executes portfolios, programs and individual and business projects, even simultaneously.

Unifier Project Controls

Solution to manage contracts, costs and documents in construction projects through personalized processes.

Primavera Risk Analysis

Anticipates, mitigates and generates contingency plans for risks that may or may not occur, analyzing costs and their impact on work plans.

Unifier Facilities & Asset Mgmt.

Automate any business process related to property management, leasing and maintenance.

Oracle Aconex

Solution to manage companies involved in projects, along with their processes, documentation, costs and contracts.


Application to preview and review Primavera P6 programs through dynamic views, reports and advanced filters.

Related services

Implement solutions

We implement all Oracle Construction and Engineering products following a methodology that takes into account best practices and lessons learned.

Convert MS Excel and MS Project projects to Primavera P6

We convert - with logic, critical path, resource allocation and cost management - projects from other systems to Primavera P6.

Provide consulting and technical support

In problems related to the use and application of Oracle Construction and Engineering tools.

Upgrade versions and migrate databases

We install, update and migrate your products and the information you handle to more recent versions.

Validate the health of projects and work programs

We diagnose the health and quality of projects and schedules carried out in Primavera P6, providing recommendations on the current status and improvements.

Hosting applications

Don't invest in servers! We assign you a secure and reliable platform in the cloud so that you can work and collaborate with your Oracle applications.