Establecer, fortalecer y operar oficinas de gestión de proyectos (PMO)

¿Quieres crear, fortalecer u operar una oficina de proyectos que dé resultados inmediatos, tangibles y visibles?


I have multiple projects in execution that are not aligned with my company's strategy nor integrated with each other.

I don't have clear visibility of the performance, scope or real cost of my projects.

I have projects that don't end on time, don't accomplish the established objectives and exceed their budget.

My resources are over-used and I lack visibility of the people who work on my projects or how much they cost.



  • Establish a PMO: we delineate and identify roles, responsabilities, processes, tools and governance structure so you achieve a good project management, both with waterfall and agile methodologies.

  • Strengthen your PMO: we analyze and improve how your PMO is currently operating, what is the performance of your PMs, how they use IT tools, how they communicate the progress of projects, how they prioritize resources, etc.

  • Manage your PMO: our experienced PMs will colaborate with your employees to manage your projects and portfolios.

  • We work with the IT tools you prefer or integrate one of the best process and technology solutions for managing your projects: Oracle Primavera, Smartsheet, Powerproject and ScheduleReader.

  • Radically improve the way you manage projects.
  • Achieve successful projects in time, cost and scope.

  • Easily prepare executive and update reports.

  • Obtain strategic information; for example:

    • The current status, cost and critical path of all your projects in execution.

    • The delayed strategic projects or the ones that can be canceled.

    • The return on investment and the value that the project portfolio will bring to your company.

Oracle Primavera
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