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Primavera Risk Analysis

Tool to automate the management, identification and quantification of project risks through comparative analysis of different scenarios to make the best decisions with a higher level of confidence and control.

What is Primavera Risk Analysis for?

Model risks and analyze their impact and how to mitigate them:

  • Identify risks

  • Classify them by degree of impact

  • Evaluate them and analyze the probabilities of occurrence

  • Generate a contingency and response plan

  • Monitor and communicate effectively to have better decision making.

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Primavera Risk Analysis key features

Risk analysis, mitigation and management

Quick and easy techniques for determining contingency plans and risk response, as well as a comprehensive means of reporting project confidence levels.

Provide an objective view

It offers an objective view of the required contingencies and an analysis of the effectiveness of the proposed response plans.

Schedule Check

It enables users to assess program maturity and readiness for risk by looking for common scheduling problems that can affect deterministic dates.

Risk register wizard

They quickly create new risk registers, defining risk rating criteria, entering qualitative risk assessments, and assigning risks.

Risk analysis

It uses advanced Monte Carlo-based scheduling and cost analysis to provide full lifecycle risk management.

Quick Risk Templates

By providing a more advanced way to execute a quick risk, these templates make it easier to model the uncertainty of the task.

Flexible reporting

With Primavera Risk Analysis, users can view risk assessments in a variety of formats:


Distribution chart

  • Identify the task or risk event that is preventing your schedules from working as expected.

  • Employ cost sensitivity reports to isolate the most critical risk events or tasks.


Scatter plot

  • Perform what-if analysis by interactively varying cost thresholds and dates to reveal the resulting chances of success.


Tornado graphic

  • Identify confidence levels regarding completion dates, costs, internal rate of return, and net present value.

  • Tabulation between views based on costs and dates.


Distribution analysis

  • Compare scenarios and determine the cost-benefit of mitigation plans.

  • Employ cost sensitivity reports to isolate the most critical risk events or tasks.

Main benefits

Model the uncertainty of variables using risk templates

Provide techniques to determine contingency plans and risk response.

Provide a comprehensive means of reporting project confidence levels.

Integrate information directly with project schedules and costs.

Produce risk analysis reports in various formats and simulations.

Mitigate and control the uncertainty of portfolio and project management.

Main functionalities

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Primavera Risk Analysis is a comprehensive risk management tool.

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It allows the identification and quantification of project risks, through a comparative analysis of the different mitigation scenarios.