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Primavera Unifier Facilities & Asset Management

Oracle solution to automate property, facility and asset management.

What is Oracle Primavera Unifier?

It is a process management platform "on premise or cloud" that allows:

  • Design and build processes tailored to the organization

  • Orchestrate and track each of the process steps including approval flows

  • Provoke collaboration among participants

  • Store and organize the documents involved

  • Generate reports and dashboards for decision making

Primavera Unifier Facilities and Asset Management

Primavera Unifier module that has a series of pre-built processes to manage a portfolio of properties .

Part of a hierarchical structure that allows to summarize and analyze the information of the property portfolio and generate reports and dashboards.

The processes are designed to be customized during implementation or they can be built from scratch.

All actions and transactions associated with the process are recorded in real time , leaving an audit trail for analysis, tracking and improvement.

It can be used from the perspective of a landlord, a tenant, or both.

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Processes involved in Unifier Facilities and Asset Management

Among the most important processes included are:

Property portfolio

Space management

Leasing contracts

Maintenance management

Sustainability and services

Document management

Key functionalities

Property portfolio management

  • Prospecting

  • Selection

  • Acquisition

  • Property catalog

Space management

  • Classification of spaces

  • Definition of levels

  • Requests for new spaces

  • Reservation of spaces

  • Moving management

Lease contract management

  • Catalog of landlords and / or tenants

  • Contract life cycle management

  • Fixed and variable income

  • Amendments

  • Renovations

  • Actions and key dates

  • Bills and payments.

Maintenance management

  • Identification, inspection and evaluation of facilities

  • Fixed assets catalog

  • Guarantee

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance plans

  • Service requests

  • Work orders

  • Inventory of materials and spare parts.

Document management

  • Repository of documents of any nature or format

  • Restricted access through user profiles

  • Version control

  • Check-in and check-out of documents

  • Deeds, insurance, usufructs, property, licenses and permits

Sustainability and services

  • Energy (electricity and gas)

  • Water consumption

  • Residuous generation

  • Recycling

  • Emissions

  • Carbon footprint

  • LEED certifications

  • LEED benefits


Track the traceability of all actions and transactions that affect the operation of real estate.

Trigger timely alerts regarding all key lease dates.

Have a single database of all properties (owned and / or rented) managed by the company.

Have access to all the documentation associated with the properties from a central repository.

Know the physical state of assets, your preventive maintenance plan and know exactly what to do in the event of an unexpected failure.

Support the implementation of "green" solutions for operation and maintenance that are practical and measurable.

Establish an orderly process for signing leases.