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Primavera Unifier Project Controls

Oracle solution for the management of contracts, documents and communication in construction projects.

What is Oracle Primavera Unifier?

It is a process management platform "on premise or cloud" that allows:

  • Design and build processes tailored to the organization

  • Orchestrate and track each of the process steps including approval flows

  • Provoke collaboration among participants

  • Store and organize the documents involved

  • Generate reports and dashboards for decision making

Primavera Unifier Project Controls

Primavera Unifier module that has pre-built processes to manage contracts, documents and communication in construction projects.

Part of a hierarchical structure that allows summarizing and analyzing the information of the project portfolio, generating reports and dashboards.

The processes are designed to be customized during implementation or they can be built from scratch.

All actions and transactions associated with the process are recorded in real time , leaving an audit trail for analysis, tracking and improvement.

It can be used from the perspective of the project owner , the general contractor, or both.

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Processes involved in Project Controls

Among the most important processes of the solution are:

Construction contract management

Management of communication and collaboration in the project

Management of drawings and documents

Key functionalities

Construction contract management

  • Budget and budget changes

  • Tenders

  • Financing sources

  • Contracts and changes to contracts

  • Estimates

  • Purchase orders

  • Bills and payments

  • Cost sheets

Communication and collaboration management

  • RFIs (requests for information)

  • Submittals and transmittals

  • Issues and risks

  • Daily field reports

  • Meeting minutes

  • Punch lists

  • Alerts

  • End of project

Management of drawings and documents

  • Repository of documents of any nature or format

  • Restricted access through user profiles

  • Version control

  • Approval and organization of plans by discipline, status, dates, etc.

  • Check-in and check-out of documents


Have the traceability of all actions and transactions that affect the cost of the project.

Submit any budgetary and / or contractual changes to all necessary approvals.

Have a configurable "cost sheet" that reflects the information in real time.

Streamline communication between those involved in the project to make timely decisions.

Know at all times the situation in the field from the general offices.

Have access to all the documentation associated with the project from a central repository.

Know the evolution of the plans from the executive project to the as-built ones.