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Control Center

Do you manage a portfolio of projects with a significant number of initiatives and you lack more control, order and visibility in your work?

Control Center benefits

  • Standardize and automate the start and end processes of a project

  • Make global changes to the entire portfolio of projects

  • Provides real-time visibility into project progress

  • Respond to any changing business requirement

You will achieve that with predefined templates each project starts quickly. Avoid delays and gain real-time visibility with automated dashboards and reports at the project or portfolio level!

Control Center functionalities

When registering a new project, it automatically generates all the necessary components: pre-established sheets, reports and graphic boards, so that teams can start working quickly and correctly.

Integrate approval flows for new projects to achieve greater coherence, control and prioritization of your work.

Eliminate the manual effort of creating metric reports and summaries. New projects are automatically included in key metrics and portfolio dashboard charts with no additional work.

Make instant and global modifications to your entire project portfolio. Easily update project templates and place these changes in both new and existing projects.

Establish rules to archive finished projects, disable alerts and notifications. Save key information for future reference and statistics.


What do I need Control Center for?

To achieve an improvement in the administration of my portfolio of projects.

To reduce manual efforts and save the time of work teams.

To maintain a more structured, orderly and coherent project management process.

To successfully close projects and automatically archive historical information.