Multidimensional Bubble Chart by SYSTEC

Discover a powerful new way of analyzing your Smartsheet data. 

Are you a Smartsheet user, who works continuously with complex information, reports on all sorts of data sets and seeks innovative ways to visually, compare and convey three or four dimensions of information at once?


SYSTEC has a solution for you! Visualize and contrast your key Smartsheet information with our Multidimensional Bubble Chart app and make better and faster decisions.


What will you obtain with this application?

  • 4D data analysis

  • Interactive chart filters

  • Direct access to your source sheets

  • Charts gallery 

  • Charts' snapshot history

Informative and expressive

Don't let yourself be fooled by the colourful appearance of bubble charts; they represent 4 dimensions of datasets and their correlation all at once!


Identify relevant information

Use bubble charts to visualize the relationship between projects or investment alternatives. Set your priorities by applying filters such as cost, value or risk.


Stay in control of changes

Do you have a rapidly changing business environment? Take snapshots of your charts to review historic information and examine the latest tendencies.


Fun and easy to use

The process of creating bubble charts is as compelling, as its analysis. Generate as many charts as you need and experiment with variables and colours.

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