Advanced Excel Import  de SYSTEC

Import the information you need from MS Excel to Smartsheet easier and quicker than ever, and have all your data consolidated in one place. 

This application developed by SYSTEC improves a commonly used and a highly requested feature that allows importing .xlsx format files into Smartsheet.  The enhanced functionalities that improve the overall user experience for our customers are the selection of specific Excel tabs and columns, mapping and grouping of data, and the application of filters.

Why choose the Advanced Excel Import developed by SYSTEC?

Select which Excel tab to import

Choose a specific tab of your Excel spreadsheets independently of its order and forget about any limitations on importing only the first (left-most) worksheet tab.


Define column mapping

The app allows choosing the columns that have to be imported and their order in a sheet in Smartsheet. Rename and rearrange the information to visualize it the way you want.

Apply import filters

Define filtering criteria based on specific dates, numbers or text, thus ensuring that the information brought into Smartsheet is the required one.


Set hierarchy of summary rows

La aplicación Advanced Excel Import ofrece una poderosa herramienta de sangría organizacional, que permite crear jerarquías de filas y agrupar datos.  Simplifica el proceso de la búsqueda y el análisis de la información.

Create drop-down list values automatically

Preserve the drop-down list values you have in your Excel document. Save time to focus on more important tasks and the quality of your work.

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