Interface Smartsheet - Primavera P6 by SYSTEC

Remove obstacles in project management

Take advantage of the strengths of Smartsheet and Primavera P6 to
manage projects of any size and increase collaboration.


What you will obtain with this connector:

  • Exchange information.

  • Collect activity progress.

  • Inform and collaborate with stakeholders.

  • Automate actions.

  • Visualize project portfolio.

Make your project management software work together


  • Any direction you need: create project and/or portfolio integration workflows to send information back and forth between Smartsheet and Primavera P6. The integration uses Smartsheet’s API and connects through Oracle Web Services directly to the P6 database.


  • Maximum  collaboration and productivity: take advantage of Smartsheet’s automated actions and sharing permissions to collect P6 activity progress from project collaborators and non-P6 users.

  • Better visibility, better control: while the strength of Primavera is scheduling, resource management and cost control, Smartsheet’s dashboards and automated reports improve the visibility of  your project portfolio.


  • Easy and quick: use templates to quickly build workflows and avoid repetitive and unproductive tasks, so you can focus on what matters: execution and quality of your work.